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In re Yasmin and YAZ Marketing

October 23, 2009


The opinion of the court was delivered by: Herndon, Chief Judge

MDL No. 2100

This Document Relates to: ALL CASES


It appearing that the cases assigned to MDL No. 2100, In Re Yasmin and YAZ (Drospirenone) Marketing, Sales Practices and Products Liability Litigation, merit special attention as complex litigation, the Court ORDERS:

1. Applicability of Order. Prior to the initial pretrial conference and entry of a comprehensive order governing all further proceedings in this case, the provisions of this Order shall govern the practice and procedure in those actions that were transferred to this Court by the Judicial Panel on Multi District Litigation ("JPMDL") pursuant to its order of October 1, 2009. This Order also applies to all related cases filed in the Southern District of Illinois and will also apply to any "tag-along actions" later filed in, removed to, or transferred to this Court.

2. Consolidation. The civil actions assigned to MDL No. 2100 are consolidated for pretrial purposes. Any "tag-along actions" later filed in, removed to or transferred to this Court, or directly filed in the Southern District of Illinois, will automatically be consolidated with this action without the necessity of future motions or orders. This consolidation, however, does not constitute a determination that the actions should be consolidated for trial, nor does it have the effect of making any entity a party to any action in which he, she or it has not been named, served or added in accordance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

3. Initial Conference. All necessary counsel shall appear for a conference with the undersigned on November 19, 2009 at 1:00 p.m. in Room 7of the United States Courthouse for the Southern District of Illinois.

(a) Attendance. To minimize costs and facilitate a manageable conference, parties are not required to attend the conference, and parties with similar interests are expected to agree to the extent practicable on a single attorney to act on their joint behalf at the conference. A party will not, by designating an attorney to represent its interests at the conference, be precluded from other representation during the litigation; and attendance at the conference will not waive objections to jurisdiction, venue, or service.

(b) Service List. This Order is being emailed to the persons shown on the attached service list, which has been prepared from the Panel Service List issued by the JPML, the list of Involved Counsel issued by the JPML in connection with Conditional Transfer Order No. 1, and the list of counsel joining Plaintiffs' motions regarding MDL liaison counsel. Counsel on this list are requested to forward a copy of the Order to other attorneys who should be notified of the conference. A corrected service list will be prepared after the conference.

(c) Other Participants. Persons who are not named as parties in this litigation, but may later be joined as parties or are parties in related litigation pending in other federal and state courts, are invited to attend in person or by counsel.

4. Preparations for Conference.

(a) Procedures for Complex Litigation. Counsel are expected to familiarize themselves with the Manual for Complex Litigation, Fourth ("MCL 4th") and be prepared at the conference to suggest procedures that will facilitate the just, speedy, and inexpensive resolution of this litigation. The items listed in the MCL 4th Sections 22.6, 22.61, 22.62 and 22.63 shall, to the extent applicable, constitute a tentative agenda for the conference.

(b) Position Statement. Plaintiffs and Defendants shall submit to the Court by November 9, 2009 a brief written statement indicating their preliminary understanding of the facts involved in the litigation and the critical factual and legal issues. These statements will not be filed with the Clerk, will not be binding, will not waive claims or defenses, and may not be offered in evidence against a party in later proceedings. The parties' statements shall list all pending motions, as well as related cases pending in state or federal court, together with their current status, including any discovery taken to date, to the extent known. The parties shall be limited to one such submission for all Plaintiffs and one such submission for all Defendants.

(c) Rule 7.1 Disclosures. To assist the Court in identifying any problems of recusal or disqualification, counsel will submit to the Court by November 9, 2009, disclosures that ...

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