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People v. Middleton





APPEAL from the Circuit Court of Cook County; the Hon. ROBERT DOWNING, Judge, presiding.


The defendant, James Middleton, was found guilty by a jury of deviate sexual assault (Ill. Rev. Stat. 1969, ch. 38, par. 11-3) and aggravated battery (Ill. Rev. Stat. 1969, ch. 38, par. 12-4(c)), and sentenced to a term of not less than 5 nor more than 10 years.

The count of the indictment charging aggravated battery alleged that on February 7, 1970, the defendant administered to the complainant by deception, for other than medical purposes, an intoxicating, stupefying, anesthetic substance. The deviate sexual assault count alleged that on the same day the defendant, by force, compelled the complainant to submit to an act of oral copulation.

Prior to trial, the defendant moved that the circuit court order a psychiatric examination of the complainant. In support of his motion the defendant asserted that on December 29, 1971, the complainant filed a lawsuit against Dr. Middleton in the circuit court of Cook County in which she alleged that she suffered from psychological problems and had expended large sums of money because of those problems. The circuit court denied the motion.

The complainant testified at the trial that she first visited Dr. Middleton on December 29, 1969, when she felt weak and developed swollen glands after donating blood. Dr. Middleton took the complainant's medical history, said he thought she had mononucleosis and gave her an injection. The complainant visited Dr. Middleton in his office nine times after the initial visit and prior to January 27, 1970, receiving an injection during each visit. On January 27, 1970, the complainant told Dr. Middleton that she had been to a hospital the previous week because of menstrual problems. Dr. Middleton told her that he would give her an internal physical after her period stopped. During this visit Dr. Middleton gave the complainant an injection that he said was streptomycin and a sedative.

The complainant testified that she went to defendant's office on February 3, 1970, received an injection and was told to undress for an internal examination. She testified that after the injection was administered, her face and the back of her neck became very hot, as defendant had predicted. In addition she felt in a stupor, drugged, dizzy, weak and with impaired vision. The internal examination lasted for 15 to 20 minutes and Dr. Middleton stopped the examination when the complainant asked if something was wrong with her. During the examination the defendant asked her in what positions she made love with her husband. After the examination, the complainant was unable to drive home.

The complainant's next and last appointment with Dr. Middleton was on February 7, 1970, when she was accompanied by a friend who waited for her while the doctor saw her. The complainant was again given an injection and told to undress for another internal physical. The complainant testified that defendant manipulated her vagina with his fingers and she started shaking all over. He told her he would not hurt her, and that she should never be afraid to have a climax. She testified that defendant then performed oral copulation on her. During the time her body was shaking, she had very little muscular control, was scared, felt physically unable to get off the examining table and could not see clearly.

The witness testified that after the injection administered on February 7, her voice became very deep, the hair on her body became considerably longer, the hair under her chin was almost half an inch long and she had no menstrual cycle in February.

The complainant testified that after leaving the defendant's office on February 7, 1970, she went to a coffee shop with the friend who had accompanied her to the doctor's office. While in the coffee shop she told her friend what happened while she was in Dr. Middleton's office. The friend testified that after the complainant left the doctor's office, the complainant was shaking a great deal and her voice was trembling.

The complainant's husband testified that he saw the complainant 2 hours after the incident; she was very nervous and her speech was slurred.

The prosecution called six women other than the complainant who had been patients of Dr. Middleton. It is not necessary to review their testimony in detail. It is sufficient to note the following:

(a) All six witnesses testified to treatment they had received from Dr. Middleton between 1968 and 1971.

(b) All six witnesses received injections from the defendant (often supposedly in treatment for anemia) the immediate results of which were weakness, dizziness, a stinging sensation, warmth and in some cases inability to move.

(c) In the case of four of these witnesses, the defendant took advantage of this weakness by manipulating them sexually, often in the course of prolonged internal examinations. The defendant told the witnesses that they should have climaxes while he manipulated them.

(d) The defendant showed a great deal of interest in the sex lives of the witnesses, especially whether they practiced oral copulation. He offered ...

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