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Rozny v. Marnul





APPEAL from the Appellate Court for the First District; heard in that court on appeal from the Circuit Court of Cook County; the Hon. HARRY H. PORTER, Judge, presiding.


Rehearing denied September 23, 1969.

Plaintiffs Raymond A. Rozny, Jr. and Catherine M. Rozny, husband and wife, purchased a house and lot which was described in a plat of an admittedly inaccurate survey prepared by defendant for S. & S. Builders, apparently a firm engaged in real-estate development. Plaintiffs brought this action for damages in the circuit court of Cook County and recovered a judgment entered on a jury verdict in the amount of $13,350. The defendant appealed and the First District Appellate Court reversed, one member dissenting. (83 Ill. App.2d 110.) We granted leave to appeal.

Defendant made the original, inaccurate "spot" survey of this vacant lot on August 27, 1953. Subsequently, a house was erected on this lot, and on August 21, 1955, defendant issued a written location "plat of survey" for the same property, this time apparently simply showing on the original plat the location of the building. Defendant did not know the person for whom he did this survey but believed it was for a builder, one Harold Nash, who had apparently purchased the property from S. & S. Builders subsequent to the original survey.

The city of Park Ridge issued a building permit to Nash on June 27, 1955. The Park Ridge Federal Savings and Loan Association made a loan commitment of $14,000, upon his application accompanied by a Torrens title certificate and the inaccurate survey of August 21, 1955. This is the only survey the association had in connection with the property, and without a survey, showing the house properly located, the association would not have financed the purchase. The mortgage covering the property in question was recorded August 25. Defendant testified that he discovered the August 21 survey was inaccurate and issued a corrected survey on August 27. He first stated it was regular procedure to send the corrected blueprints to whomever ordered the originals, and then testified he had no record of sending them and actually had no recollection of what occurred. The association never received the so-called corrected survey nor was it ever informed of its existence, nor is there in this record any showing that Nash or anyone else ever received a copy of the corrected survey.

Plaintiffs first saw the property in January, 1956, when the builder, Nash, showed it to them. They agreed to purchase the property and went to the association where one of its officers advised them there was an existing construction loan to Nash of $14,000 on the property, and that plaintiffs could finance the purchase by assuming that mortgage. All the documents concerning the property, including the incorrect survey which was then in the files of the Association, were reviewed by plaintiffs with this officer at the closing of the purchase in February.

In September, 1956, the existing driveway leading to the back of the house was extended and plaintiffs constructed a garage on the rear of the lot, relying upon an iron pipe in the backyard fence and a mark on the front sidewalk shown by the plat as the indicia of their boundary limits. That plat shows an iron pipe at each of the back corners of the lot and a mark on the sidewalk two feet north of each of the front corners. Had these markers been correctly located, adequate space would have existed for the driveway. In fact, these markers had been placed in accordance with the inaccurate survey, and, as a result, portions of the existing driveway and the new driveway extended over the west lot line, and the west edge of the garage encroaches on the adjacent lot from 2" to 1' 2". Plaintiffs testified that the first time their attention was called to any possible encroachment or survey errors was about two years before the trial, which occurred in September, 1964.

The August 21 survey was signed by defendant and had his Illinois surveyor's seal affixed thereto. (He was a registered Illinois land surveyor. (Ill. Rev. Stat. 1955, ch. 133, pars. 34 through 54.)) Printed on the survey plat was the following:


"Before starting any excavating or building, excavators and builders are requested to compare all measurements and should any discrepancies be found, report same to our home office at once.

"This plat of survey carries our absolute guarantee for accuracy, and is issued subject to faithful carrying out of the above and foregoing instructions and conditions before any liability will be assumed on part of the Jens K. Doe Survey Service.

"State of Illinois | > ss County of Cook |

I, John Marnul, hereby certify that I have resurveyed and located the building on the property above described and that the plat above is a correct representation of said survey and location.

Chicago, August 21st, ...

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